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Michael Prince is a television director, filmmaker and photographer based at the edge of Scotland’s Trossachs National Park.

He is as enthused by inspirational views close to his Stirlingshire home as he is when venturing further afield to capture remote and iconic landscapes. Northumberland, North Yorkshire, the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides are enduring favourites.

Despite the immediacy and convenience of the digital file format Michael remains dedicated to - and continually motivated by - working on classic film stock and techniques:

“I find the slower, more contemplative process of working with larger format film cameras is a joy, with the aesthetic, atmosphere and anticipation that the follow-up chemical process creates - particularly when processing and printing my own black and white negatives - is an additional thrill. Current equipment includes my trusted old Hasselblad 503CX, an Ebony 4x5 with a Horseman 6x9 back, and a variety of wooden pinhole cameras, though I’m continually expanding my collection and trying new film cameras usually via ebay.”

Recent commissions have included documenting the BBC1 Brontë drama ‘To Walk Invisible’ written and directed by Sally Wainwright, including a year-long exhibition of selected photographs at the Brontë Parsonage Museum, Howarth. ‘Workhorse’ is a personal series of photographs featuring the Clydesdale’s of Flanders Moss, exhibited at the Park Gallery, Falkirk, as part of the ‘Horse Power’ year of events. A book will be published in 2018.

Currently experimenting with the most basic form of photography using pinhole cameras combined with alternative hand printing techniques in the darkroom.

Michael’s recent landscape work as also been highly commended by the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year.